Tuna Fishing Adventure at Dawn

Do you enjoy fun boating and fishing tours? Discover the alluring islands of Tusket on a full-day boat tour departing from Wedgeport each day! For the visitors of Yellow Tuna there are even more bonuses, like free pizza and wine!
Check out a video of our recent tour!

Big Juicy Tunas, Hanging Upside Down
Big Tuna, a usual sighting in the summer here

Sports Tuna Fishing Adventure with Jacquard’s Tuna

Spend a day Sports Fishing for Tuna in luxury! Tours depart at Breakwater Wharf in Wedgeport early in the morning for a fun filled day fishing, surrounded by beautiful vistas. Meals and drink are included.                                http://jacquardstuna.ca

Beautiful and high tides and colorful harbors are waiting for you – we can stop and you can walk there as long as you want!

Things you’ll see cruising around the islands:

Fish, people, bait, wine…

All our boats are very comfortable with a ample wooden deck space, sofa, seating, cabin and bathroom, so you’ll feel as comfortable as at Yellow Tuna!

Big, Beautiful, Bluefin Tuna, Swimming
Big, Beautiful, Bluefin Tuna, Swimming


Whether already an avid sports fisherman or woman, learning to sports fish for the first time, or just coming along to enjoy a day on the ocean surrounded by our beautiful Tusket Islands, this is a truly unforgettable experience.